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Kansiime Sarah
Sarah needs a group loan to restock her retail shop business with items such as a carton of salt packets, 50 kg bag of sugar, 100 kg bag of maize flour, box of laundry bar soap and 20-liter jerrican of cooking oil. She has been running the business for one year and it’s situated in a good location with many customers. Sarah shares her house with the business, she operates the shop in the front room touching on the road side and sleeps in the room behind the shop but rent fare for the two rooms is paid differently.  She has a fridge in her shop to keep all the perishable products safe. So, the business has low probability of risk.   27/06/2020 Top up Loan   Sarah is looking for a top up loan of UGX 300,000/ to revamp her retail business. The business has run out of stock due to the pandemic crisis. She will use this loan to buy a bag of sugar (50 kg), Box of bar soap, Bag of rice (100 kg) and Bag of maize flour (100 kg) for restocking the business.
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Nakaweesa Christine
She is looking for a group loan to purchase more stock items for the business such as 2 bags of sugar (50kg each), 2 Jerricans of cooking oil (20 Liters each) and bag of rice. Christine is a teacher and employees a shop attendant to run the business and pays her a monthly salary. She started the business in 2017 and it’s now two years in operation. The shop sells household ordinary consumable items and it’s strategically located in a fairly populated residential area. The demand is readily available in the area. There is no major risk for the business since the flow of stock has a high turnover. 27/06/2020 Top up Loan Christine is looking for a top up loan of UGX 300,000/ to invest in an addition business of mobile money servises using Airtel line. In the previous five months, she has been operating it by selling airtime and sales were promising. That's why she considered to seek for a top up loan.
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Nabbosa Sarah
To increase the business stock with items such as 5 crates of beer and a 20 litre jerican of Uganda warragi (gin). She is currently sleeping in the same room with the bar to avoid curfew hours when going back home. Due to Corona virus, bars are still restricted but since the bar doubles as her home, she can serve customers who buy and takeaway. She has been operating the business for the last fouteen years which helps her to know the dynamics in the business and address them as soon as possible.
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Nakitto Winnie
To expand the business of supplying fresh fish especially tilapia and Nile perch  to Kibuye market in  Kampala city and surrounding areas. She needs a loan to expand wholesale fish business. She has been in this business since 2011 and very confident that during the right seasons, she can make a lot of money. She also deal in selling new and used clothes around major landing sites in Kalangala district on the shores of Lake Victoria. During daytime, she attends to the clothes business then later in the evening, uses the cash collected throughout the day to suppliment the fish business. There is a very minimal risk since fish has readily available market. Both businesses generate a monthly sales revenue of UGX 10,168,000/ ($2,748). The clothes business contribute 21% of her income while Fish business earns her 79% per month.
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Mubiru Dickson
Dickson owns and operate a chapatti stall along Entebbe road infront of Kajjansi market parking yard. The stall is situated in an open area and he uses an umbrella as a temporary protection against the hot sun and rainy. He needs a loan to buy 40 litres of cooking oil, one sack of charcoal, two cartons of baking flour and twelve trays of eggs. Dickson has enough experience in baking Chapattis since 2015.  The business employs five people. However, he had a contract to supply snacks to St Mary's secondary school which has been closed due to corona virus restrictions. That's why the loan amount has been slashed to half. He also has a side business of growing and trading in coffee which earns him more income after harvest which at times supplements on his Chapatti business when the season is favorable.
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Zawedde Winnie
Winnie is operating a business stall in Kajjansi Market. She is up for a loan to restock the business with items such as charcoal stoves, five chapatti saucepans, three small baskets, mats, medicinal plants and other craft items.  The loan is intended to increase on the existing stock and variety of stock items.The business has low risk exposure due to charcoal cooking stoves placed near the stalls by the vendors. It's quite unlikely to happen.
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Nayiga Sharifa
Sharifa operates a business stall in Kajjansi Market and she needs a loan to buy more stock items such as eight metal charcoal stoves, seven clay stoves, six chapatti metallic saucepans, chapatti and mandazi frying spoons. She has been doing this business since 2016. The business has a major risk of clay stoves breaking when not properly handled or kept. Nayiga also operateGrinding mill as a side business where she employs her sister. This loan will be used buy engine oil and twenty litres of diesel for  running the mill.
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Nantongo Rose
Rose is operating a Dry Fish stall in Kajjansi market. She needs a group loan to increase on the business stock with dry tilapia type of fish, Nile perch fish and silver fish. During the covid-19 lockdown crisis, she could not get stable supply of fish due to restricted public transport but after easing on restrictions, she wants to buy directly from fishermen to get rid of middlemen who charge high prices. Otherwise, the business is good. The price of each fish ranges between UGX 10,000/-22,000/ depending on the size. The fish is preserved by smoking them regularly on a charcoal stove.
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Nalubwama Alice
Alice is running a Dry Fish Stall in Kajjansi market and has been doing it since 2005. She needs a group loan to add more stock items of smoked fish especially of types Nile perch and Tilapia. The business stock will increase which had shrunk during COVID-19 lockdown period as much of her capital was used for consumption smoothing. Each smoked Nile perch fish cost between UGX 8,000/-22,000/ depending on the size. Recently, she has been buying stock from suppliers who deliver to Kajjansi market considerably at high prices but since transport was eased, she will buy directly from fishermen at Kasenyi landing site to have the option to choose good quality fish at relatively low prices other than buying from middle men. She preverves the fish by continuously smoking it on charcoal stove.
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Ssebanyiga Christopher
Christopher needs a loan to expand his charcoal stall business.  The current stock stands at 40 sacks of charcoal and he wants to increase it to a tune of 80 bags. He is a charcoal wholesaler who targets small quantity distrubutors and end users. Currently a sack (75 Kg) of charcoal is trading between UGX 75,000 ($20) to UGX 95,000 ($26) depending on the trading center. The business is lucrative since it's the cheapest source of energy for household use especially cooking in the peri-urban areas like Kajjansi town council.  He also runs an additional business of brick laying where he employs temporary labourers, hires transport companies to deliver materials like firewood for baking bricks. Charcoal business contributes 54% of his income while brick laying earns him 46% per month.
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Nabwato Dorothy
Dorothy needs a group loan to start a mobile money business using two telephone lines for Mobile Telecommunication Network (MTN) and Airtel companies. It's a new business where she will be employed herself full time. The raw food and vegetable stall also employs one person and it's the principal business that's going to service this loan as she is setting up a mobile money business. MTN line for mobile money will cost UGX 200,000/ ($54) while Airtel may cost UGX 180,000/($49). The balance will be used for float (digital money) and physical cash to those who want to withdraw. She is expecting to earn UGX 60,000/ ($16) per day. The business is exposed to a risk of people who are circulating counterfeit money but she will install a counterfeit money detector machine to mitigate the risk and at a less extent the business may face robbery due to cash held at the counter.
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Nakimuli Ritah
Ritah needs a group loan to incresease on her business stock of charcoal. The current stock stands at 7 sacks. She wants to buy more eight (8) sacks of charcoal to increase the stock to 15 sacks. She sells charcoal to individual customers from small quantities like tins of UGX 1,000/ ($0.27) up to a full sack of UGX 95,000/ ($26). The additional vegetable stall business contributes 15% of her income while charcoal stall earns her 85%.
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Nanyonjo Margret Kazibwe
Margret is operating a sewing machine to repair clothes and make new ones for sale. She needs a group loan to increase on the business stock with 6 pieces of bitenge materials of different colours and patterns, women accessories such as ear rings, bangle, necklaces, braces etc. and gomesis (Uganda traditional women wear). She is employed by this business on full time. She also sells fruit juice which earns her extra income. All her business undertakings are okay.
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Nakajiri Harriet
Harriet needs a group loan to purchase more stock items to expand the business. The stock almost got depleted during the lockdown period. Stock items to be purchased include a box of tomatoes, tin of onions, 3 bunches of sweet bananas, basket of orranges and 10 pieces of bark clothes. The business generates a net sales income of UGX 300,000/ ($81) per month and this loan is to rejuvinate this business from this down turn.
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Namakula Harina
Harina grows vegetables such as nakati, sukumawiki and dodo at her plot located in Kajjansi Kitende-Bwebajja Cell(KKB) and has been doing it since 2010. She has been growing the vegetables on an estimated ¼ acre of land; however, she intends to expand the production to cover an estimated 1-acre piece of land due to the growing number of clients. She therefore needs an agricultural loan to buy a water pump, vegetable seedlings, pesticides and hire of labour in the farm. The average customer are the vegetable market vendors who buy directly from her. The maturity period of the vegetables is between 6-8 weeks.    She also prepares snacks and food stuff that she has been supplying to schools except for during this Covid-19 period, however with the reopening of the schools this will enable her generate more income as well. However, she is not the only vegetable farmer in and around the area, this implies that if the production from several farmers is high the prices of vegetables are likely to come down thus affecting the sales revenue. In the event of a long dry season also, this is likely to affect the yields of the vegetables. However, this risk is minimal given the presence of a river that flows besides the land and the fact that she intends to get a water pump that will be used for irrigation purposes during such situations. However, the vegetable farming business is promising and with the opening of schools, her snacks and foods stuff business will be able to generate additional income for her.
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Walusimbi Lawrence
Lawrence is a repeat borrower and repaid his first loan. He needs a second group loan to buy additional stock items for business such as; a carton of wheat flour(12 packets), 20 litres of cooking oil, 1 sack of charcoal and 10 kg of beans. The business stock and perfomance of the business went down slightly during the previous 5 months or so due to the impact of COVID-19 but is very confident that it's picking up now. This loan will help the business restore the missing items and increase on the quantities of inputs. The business has no major risk and the market is readily available.
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Mulungi Doreen
Doreen is up for a group loan to buy more raw food items for the business especially Irish potatoes and bunches of platains (matooke). She buys the food items in bulk from farmers directly, deliver and supply to the market food vendors in Kajjansi market.  However, she does not have a fixed raw food stall in the market but only a distrubutor.  Normally, she distributes the raw food items on credit to the market traders in the morning and collect the money from vendors in the evening or the following day. She can supply food twice or thrice a week.
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Semusu Erias Tim
He is seeking for a group loan to enable him purchase a chess freezer (fridge) for cooling the soft drinks. It's a retail shop business located in Kasenge, outside Kajjansi town council and he commutes every day from Kajjansi to attend to it. The shop deals in general household consumables such as bread, cooking oil, soap, soft drinks etc.  The business has small risks that are considered marginal like power cuts but cannot affect the business performance since load scheding always afffect the entire community where the business is.
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Namujju Angella
Agnella is a repeat borrower operating a boutique for children wears located at Mini-price opposite Old Taxi Park, Kampala and commutes every day from Kajjansi to attend to it. She is is looking for anoher group loan to improve on the business by adding more missing stock items including three (3) bales of children's clothes . Both Angella and the business look very healthy and promising.
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Luyiga Hilda Catherine
She needs a group loan to finance a  retail shop that deals in children's clothes at Mini-pice, Kampala Opposite Old Taxi Park. The loan will help the business to add more stock items especially with 20 dresses and 20 pair of suits for boys. Hilda is a professional teacher but used to visit the business every day in the evening after school hours. However, during this time when schools are not fully operating, she attends to the shop regularly. She hired a staff to attend to the boutique on a dialy basis. The business has no major risks and has potential to grow.
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Nakiwuge Agatha
She is seeking for a group loan to enable her aquire more stock items for the business such as; 10 bras, undergarments, children's shoes and a bale of second hand clothes to expand the business that deals in the sale of second hand clothes for both children and adults located in Bulaga along Mityana road, Kampala. She commutes every day from Kajjansi to attend to the business. She has many years of experience and the business is very promising.
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Nanfuka Diana
Diana needs an individual business loan to enable her increase on the existing stock of drugs and other stockouts. She is a trained nurse and operates a drug shop located about 200 metres from Kajjansi market. She has been doing this business for more than 15 years which gives her confidence about the business prosepcts. This loan's monthly repayments is also highly secured by our monthly rental income that shall be deducted at source as authorised by Diana who also happens to be the land lady of our office premises.
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Sseguku Microfinance
Sseguku Microfinance Uganda (SMUG) is seeking an enterprise loan to finance its operations such as; paying staff salaries and office expenses for the remainder of the financial year 2020. The need has arisen due to declining earnings as a result of the Ugandan government's efforts to limit the spread of the Corona virus. This resulted to a decline in the business performance due to the negative effect of the Covid-19 pandemic that affected some of our clients, but after lifting the restrictions, gradually  businesses started recovering and we have continued giving out loans to our clients and we hope the situation will remain the same and even get much better.
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