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Nakate Cate
She is seeking for a group loan to purchase input food stuffs such as 3 bags of Irish potatoes, bag of charcoal and charcoal stove. She fries chips served with either chicken, liver or plain in Kajjansi market during day while in the evening she shifts to the road-side. During that time there are many customers in bars along the road in the town center who need snacks. The stall is situated in an open area of the market but she uses an umbrella to protect herself. She has been doing this business for 10 years and she hopes to expand. The market has high prospects.
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Kansiime Sarah
Sarah needs a group loan to restock her retail shop business with items such as a carton of salt packets, 50 kg bag of sugar, 100 kg bag of maize flour, box of laundry bar soap and 20-liter jerrican of cooking oil. She has been running the business for one year and it’s situated in a good location with many customers. Sarah shares her house with the business, she operates the shop in the front room touching on the road side and sleeps in the room behind the shop but rent fare for the two rooms is paid differently.  She has a fridge in her shop to keep all the perishable products safe. So, the business has low probability of risk.   27/06/2020 Top up Loan   Sarah is looking for a top up loan of UGX 300,000/ to revamp her retail business. The business has run out of stock due to the pandemic crisis. She will use this loan to buy a bag of sugar (50 kg), Box of bar soap, Bag of rice (100 kg) and Bag of maize flour (100 kg) for restocking the business.
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Nakaweesa Christine
She is looking for a group loan to purchase more stock items for the business such as 2 bags of sugar (50kg each), 2 Jerricans of cooking oil (20 Liters each) and bag of rice. Christine is a teacher and employees a shop attendant to run the business and pays her a monthly salary. She started the business in 2017 and it’s now two years in operation. The shop sells household ordinary consumable items and it’s strategically located in a fairly populated residential area. The demand is readily available in the area. There is no major risk for the business since the flow of stock has a high turnover. 27/06/2020 Top up Loan Christine is looking for a top up loan of UGX 300,000/ to invest in an addition business of mobile money servises using Airtel line. In the previous five months, she has been operating it by selling airtime and sales were promising. That's why she considered to seek for a top up loan.
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Lubega Tracy Teddy
She is up for a loan to restock her retail shop with items such as stationery especially primary exercise books, manilas, pencils. Other items include a 50kg bag of sugar, 20L Jerrican of cooking oil, bag of rice and detergents. She is a teacher by profession and spends most of the time at the school but she employees a shop attendant to run the shop which is an alternative source of income. The shop attendant is a family member and she has not yet started paying her since she is still on a probation. The business has been in operation for one year and demand for goods is readily available. The shop is for locally desired household consumable items. The officer did not notice any major risk for the business but observed that stock items were scanty in the shelves with many customer walk-ins. The shop is located in a residential area with only one more shop in a radius of 100m. Tracy also owns a school called New Generation junior school with approximately 100 pupils located right opposite the shop. 27/06/2020 Top up Loan Teddy is seeking for a top up loan of UGX 400,000/ to restock her Retailshop Business. She will use this loan to buy a bag of Sugar (50 kg), Bag of beans (50 kg), 50 kg of maize flour, Box of bar soap, 50 kg of rice and 20 litters of cooking oil. She operates a Nursery school as her main business which has been closed up to now due to COVID-19 crisis. She is currently dependent on a retailshop as her source of income and livelihood. This has strained the business but she is confident that if she gets this top up loan, she will be able to the existing and  loan obligations.
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Nakanwagi Phionah
She needs a loan to buy more food items for the Food stall business such as a bag of plantains (matooke), box of tomatoes, onions and vegetables. She attends to this business during day from 8.00 am-6.00pm and later in the evening she operates a sewing machine (tailoring) so as to earn some additional income. She has been operating these businesses for 2 years. The demand for raw food is readily available. However, all the stock items are perishable by nature and she has no fridge to keep them longer. When plantains (matooke) over stay for a week or so days, they start ripping by turning yellow making them not suitable for food and culminates into a financial loss.
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Namutebi Shamim
Namutebi is seeking for a group loan to restock the food stall with raw food item such as three bags and ten bunches of plantains (matooke). She is operating the Raw food stall in Kibuye market located 1km from Kampala city center along Entebe road and has been doing this business for year. She is okay with the performance of the business. Since she is dealing in perishable food stuff, there is a likelihood that if the plantains overstays on the stall from 3 days or so, some of them may start getting ripe and cause a financial loss in the business but she mitigates this risk by securing a stock level that can be sold in less than 3 days.
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Nakato Brenda
She is up for a loan to increase on the number of input items used for the two businesses such as three chickens, one bag of charcoal, 20 litters Jerrican of cooking oil and half a bag of Irish potatoes. These iteShe is doing the business at her family premises rendering her to incur no expenses for rent and has been in the business for three years. The demand for snacks like chips, fried chicken, chapati especially Rolex chapati is exponentially high.
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Nalwadda Aidah
Aidah is seeking for a group loan to buy stock items for the restaurant such as Onions, Crates of soda, cartons of drinking water and a bag of Irish potatoes. She has been doing this business for many years since 1990 and she is well versed with the business performance trend. The business is located in the Line market right opposite Kajjansi market and she serves customers within and outside the market. The business has no major risks and demand of food and drinks is readily available.
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Nalubega Amisa
She is up for a group loan to buy more stock items such as 8 bags of charcoal, tomatoes, onions and Irish potatoes. She is operating a charcoal and vegetable stall and has been doing it for 2 years. she is a director of studies for Bishop sisto Mazolidi secondary school. She attends to this business during school holidays but she she employs a relative who attends to it full time. The business has no major risk.
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8.20 %

Nabukeera Babrah
To restock the business with 13 bags of charcoal. Babrah has been doing this business since the year 2000 and she looks to well versed with the business. in addition, she is selling vegetabes, fruits and snacks as an additional income. The business is in the middle of a residential area, so the demand is readily available. The business is not exposed to any apparent risks.
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7.71 %

Nanfuuna Agnes
She is looking for a group loan to restock the business with more bags of charcoal. In addition, she sells vegetables, raw food and snacks. The business is in Lweza B cell where she lives. She has been doing this business since 2009 and she is comfortable with the performance. There are no major risks facing the business.
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4.71 %

Namukasa Annet
Annet is operating a drug shop south of Kajjansi market in Kajjansi Town Council. She needs a loan to increase on the existing stock and fill the stakeouts of drugs. She obtained a local license from Kajjansi Town Council as she process the industry license and the business is operating normally. The business sales are still low in the drug shop but will have positive returns from using this loan. A monthly revenue of UGX 1,452,667/ ($393) is expected from selling of drugs and treatment of patients (children) plus additional income from houses for rent. However, there is a risk of drugs expiring which can cost the business of revenue but its not common. The drug shop contributes 69% of her income while rental houses earns her 31% per month.
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11.97 %

Nakalanzi Edith Kikomeko
Edith operates a vegetable stall located East of Kajjansi Town Council. She needs a group loan to increase on stock items such as Box of tomatoes, a bag of plaintains (Matooke), box of egg plants, box of onions, sweet potatoes, cabbage, cassava, pumpkins and 5 bags of charcoal. She expects sales revenue of UGX 620,000/ ($168) per month. She has been doing this business for five years and employs one staff. She buys vegetables in small quantities because are perishable if they over stay on the shelves. She also operates a side business of brick laying where she employs 5 people to make bricks. Vegetable business contributes 18% while brick laying earns 82% of her income.  
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9.98 %

Nabbosa Sarah
To increase the business stock with items such as 5 crates of beer and a 20 litre jerican of Uganda warragi (gin). She is currently sleeping in the same room with the bar to avoid curfew hours when going back home. Due to Corona virus, bars are still restricted but since the bar doubles as her home, she can serve customers who buy and takeaway. She has been operating the business for the last fouteen years which helps her to know the dynamics in the business and address them as soon as possible.
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11.93 %

Nakitto Winnie
To expand the business of supplying fresh fish especially tilapia and Nile perch  to Kibuye market in  Kampala city and surrounding areas. She needs a loan to expand wholesale fish business. She has been in this business since 2011 and very confident that during the right seasons, she can make a lot of money. She also deal in selling new and used clothes around major landing sites in Kalangala district on the shores of Lake Victoria. During daytime, she attends to the clothes business then later in the evening, uses the cash collected throughout the day to suppliment the fish business. There is a very minimal risk since fish has readily available market. Both businesses generate a monthly sales revenue of UGX 10,168,000/ ($2,748). The clothes business contribute 21% of her income while Fish business earns her 79% per month.
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9.25 %

Sseguku Microfinance
Sseguku Microfinance Uganda (SMUG) needs additional funds to meet its obligations (salaries, audits, office rent, etc.) for the remainder of this financial year and is therefore approaching the lenders to secure funds for its operations. The need for additional funds has arisen as a result of increased staff costs as the company has started paying employees' income tax directly to the authorities. In addition, it has been necessary to replace the company's auditor, which also has caused additional expenses.  
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7.70 %

Biikara Eunice
Eunice is a resident of Kajjansi town council. She runs a food stall within Kajjansi market and she has been in this type of business for eight years. She needs a loan to restock her business like to purchase a bag of onions, a bag of Irish potatoes. This items that keep this business running have a risk of rotting if not sold within a stipulated period of time. She also wants to start a business of selling clothes for children and adolescents as a side business.
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Nalugo Angela
  She is up for a loan to purchase three metal flasks, a dozen of saucepans, three dozen of plates and food. She has been in this type of business for four years. Her business has a risk of food going bad if not consumed within the day but she has clients who keep eating her food.
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6.70 %

Namutebi Catherine
Catherine is a resident of Kajjansi town. She has been in this kind of business for thirty-two years. She is up for a loan to purchase a box of tomatoes, a bag of onions, vegetables, fruits, charcoal stove and raw food. She is confident that she can service the loan since she has enough experience on her business.
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Namakula Margrate
She needs a loan to purchase and extract more stock of clay as well as increasing on the stock of fresh fish. She has been in this business for five years. She makes the clay cooking stoves herself. The clay products can easily get spoiled by developing cracks and break if not handled properly or become shapeless if it rains on them. 27/06/2020 Top up Loan Margrate needs a top up loan of UGX 600,000/ to buy a truck of clay soil for making charcoal stoves and restocking the Fish business. She suggested to offset the outstanding loan balance and the balance will be used in the two aforementioned businesses. The Fish business has been halted due to pendemic crisis while the charcoal stove business is currently strugling to remain afloat. This loan will be crutial in normalising the two businesses and smoothening the loan balance.
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Lutatinisibwa Idirisa
Idirisa needs a loan to purchase six boxes of soap, one hundred kilograms of sugar (2 bags), two jerricans (40 litres) of cooking oil, one hundred kilograms of posho, one hundred kilograms of beans, twelve crates of soda and ladies oils. He has been in this business for four years. His business has a major risk of products expiry dates.
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12.00 %

Namuyiga Rehemah Gilly
Rehema is a resident of kajjansi ‘B’.  She needs a loan to purchase 20 Nile patch ty of fish, 30 Tilapia type of fish, 1 bag of silver fish and she has been in this business for four years. She also needs to purchase bananas for making juice for her other business and to restock her retail shop with items such as plastics, carton of salt, 2 cartons of sanitary pads, 4 boxes of soap, 2 jericans of cooking oil, 1 bag of sugar (50 KG), 4 trays of eggs and other items. The fish business has major risks of rotting if not sold quickly and juice can go bad if not sold faster. Her retail shop has a risk of items expiring on dates if not sold before.
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8.90 %

Ndagire Jolly
She needs a loan to purchase 8 bags of charcoal. She breaks the bag into smaller units to be able to maximize sales quickly. She has been in this business for nine years. The business has no major risks apart from rain water which makes the charcoal wet once in a while since the stall is in an open space but does not compromise with its quality nor rejection from customers. With this group loan, she will be able to increase on the stock retention and the demand is readily available on a daily basis from local restaurants and walk-in customers in Kajjansi market
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8.09 %

Mubiru Dickson
Dickson owns and operate a chapatti stall along Entebbe road infront of Kajjansi market parking yard. The stall is situated in an open area and he uses an umbrella as a temporary protection against the hot sun and rainy. He needs a loan to buy 40 litres of cooking oil, one sack of charcoal, two cartons of baking flour and twelve trays of eggs. Dickson has enough experience in baking Chapattis since 2015.  The business employs five people. However, he had a contract to supply snacks to St Mary's secondary school which has been closed due to corona virus restrictions. That's why the loan amount has been slashed to half. He also has a side business of growing and trading in coffee which earns him more income after harvest which at times supplements on his Chapatti business when the season is favorable.
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10.41 %

Zawedde Winnie
Winnie is operating a business stall in Kajjansi Market. She is up for a loan to restock the business with items such as charcoal stoves, five chapatti saucepans, three small baskets, mats, medicinal plants and other craft items.  The loan is intended to increase on the existing stock and variety of stock items.The business has low risk exposure due to charcoal cooking stoves placed near the stalls by the vendors. It's quite unlikely to happen.
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9.26 %

Nayiga Sharifa
Sharifa operates a business stall in Kajjansi Market and she needs a loan to buy more stock items such as eight metal charcoal stoves, seven clay stoves, six chapatti metallic saucepans, chapatti and mandazi frying spoons. She has been doing this business since 2016. The business has a major risk of clay stoves breaking when not properly handled or kept. Nayiga also operateGrinding mill as a side business where she employs her sister. This loan will be used buy engine oil and twenty litres of diesel for  running the mill.
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11.99 %

Niwabiine Pleasant
Niwabiine operates a Passion Fruit Retail shop in Kajjansi Market and has been in business since 2017. She needs a group loan to increase on the existing stock by buying 7 bags of passion fruits, bag of oranges, bag of tangerine, bag of lemon and box of mangoes. Supply of fruits depends on changes in the season in the course of the year. The business is owned by Niwabiine (princial borrower) but operates it with her husband in intervals.
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9.07 %

Nantongo Rose
Rose is operating a Dry Fish stall in Kajjansi market. She needs a group loan to increase on the business stock with dry tilapia type of fish, Nile perch fish and silver fish. During the covid-19 lockdown crisis, she could not get stable supply of fish due to restricted public transport but after easing on restrictions, she wants to buy directly from fishermen to get rid of middlemen who charge high prices. Otherwise, the business is good. The price of each fish ranges between UGX 10,000/-22,000/ depending on the size. The fish is preserved by smoking them regularly on a charcoal stove.
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10.95 %

Nalubwama Alice
Alice is running a Dry Fish Stall in Kajjansi market and has been doing it since 2005. She needs a group loan to add more stock items of smoked fish especially of types Nile perch and Tilapia. The business stock will increase which had shrunk during COVID-19 lockdown period as much of her capital was used for consumption smoothing. Each smoked Nile perch fish cost between UGX 8,000/-22,000/ depending on the size. Recently, she has been buying stock from suppliers who deliver to Kajjansi market considerably at high prices but since transport was eased, she will buy directly from fishermen at Kasenyi landing site to have the option to choose good quality fish at relatively low prices other than buying from middle men. She preverves the fish by continuously smoking it on charcoal stove.
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10.73 %

Nambalirwa Mariam
Mariam keeps poultry in her own home located in Kajjansi Cell A, Kajjansi town council and has been doing it since 1980. She has specialised in rearing of broiler type of chicken for meet and takes a maturity period of utmost 1.5 months, ready for sale. However, there are some delays experienced when she places the order for chicks from Ugachick chicken suppliers company for a period of a week or two. This can over stretch the expected maturity period. She divided the sty into two sections, where she uses one when the other is resting for another phase. To maintain the business conuinuity, she needs an agriculture loan to buy  260 broiler chicks and 3 bags of chicken feeds. The business is okay though it needs constant care by providing timely feeding, watering, treatment and finding market at the right time. Otherwise, when chicks are not sold in time, can become costly to the farmer.
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