Namugerwa Oliver, Group Loan, ID: 51

Oliver is looking for a group loan to buy 2 Jerricans of cooking oil (20 liters each), bag of charcoal, bag of rice and 2 cartons of wheat. She makes snacks like chapati, mandazi and other eatables. She has been doing this business for year and sales are very promising due to the demand available. She makes snacks that are finished in day to avoid risks of storage.

Loan status
Loan product
Group Loan
Loan amount
UGX 500,000
Repayment period
Repayment interval
Grace period

Create date
Published date
Auction end date
Disbursement date

Disbursement fee
4.00 %
Interest commission
15.00 %
Lender interest limit
12.00 %
Average lender interest
7.00 %
Cost for business
UGX 46,306
APR (Annual percentage rate)
43.21 %

Client name
Namugerwa Oliver
Client description
She is a female client born in 1989, married and resident of Kajjansi “C” Cell. she operates a snacks stall in the same area where she lives.
Client images
Due diligence status
Mukama Afayo
Mukama Afayo, it's in Luganda language but in English it means God cares. The groups is located in Kajjansi “C” Cell (village) south of Kajjansi market in a distance of 0.5km from Kajjansi town.
This name is in Luganda language and it’s an official reknown tittle for one of the sub counties in Buganda Kingdom known as Makindye. During the active reign of the King of Buganda, he had given official local names to different sub countries within his area of jurisdiction for purposes of easy identification and importance to his kingdom. The name still stands even today.
Officer Name
Waca Ivan
Group members
Group Disbursement Date Name Status Relation
Mukama Afayo/Ssabagabo 5/16/2019 Namukwaya Rose Repaid Chairperson
Mukama Afayo/Ssabagabo 5/16/2019 Nayiga Matida Repaid Treasurer
Mukama Afayo/Ssabagabo 5/16/2019 Namugerwa Oliver Repaid Member
Mukama Afayo/Ssabagabo 5/16/2019 Babirye Annet Repaid Member

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