Namakula Margrate, Group Loan, ID: 27

Margrate needs a loan to purchase and extract more stock of clay as well as increasing on the stock of fish When you look at her photos, it tells it all. She makes the clay products herself. They are cooking stove which uses charcoal.The clay products can easily get spoiled by the rain before being baked. If it rains on them they develop clacks and break or become shapeless.

Loan status
Loan product
Group Loan
Loan amount
UGX 500,000
Repayment period
Repayment interval
Grace period

Create date
Auction end date
Disbursement date

Disbursement fee
4.00 %
Interest commission
15.00 %
Lender interest limit
12.00 %
Average lender interest
1.00 %
Cost for business
UGX 39,541
APR (Annual percentage rate)
36.09 %

Client name
Namakula Margrate
Client description
Namakula Margrate is a business lady born in the year 1974, a resident of Kajjansi town council. Margrate is engaged in the production of charcoal stoves made out of clay soil. She also owns a side business for supplying fish in homesteads being operated by her son. The business is located 400m away from Kajjansi market on the left of Entebe road.  The production of clay products is risky during rainy season while its better in dry season.
Client images
Due diligence status
Kajjansi III
It's a new group formed with 10 members divided into two subgroups from Kajjansi market and outside.  
Tusitukiremu, it means that let's get up and strive to improve on our economic situation.
Officer Name
Waca Ivan

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