Nalubwama Alice, Group Loan, ID: 26

She needs a group loan to restock her Fish Stall with smoked Nile parch and Tilapia types. She breaks and sell some of the fish in small pieces while others are sold as a whole. She preserves the fish by continuously smoking them to avoid going bad. However, her stall is in an open area at the rear side of the market where she uses an umbrella to protect the fish stall and herself from rain water and sunshine. So, in case of heavy rainfall, she can be inconvenienced and make the stock wet which would give her extra burden to buy more charcoal to dry the fish. Otherwise, the weather change has little impact in general to her business. She mainly sells her smoked fish to walk-in customers in the market and local restaurants who provides a stable demand. She has been operating this business for 14 years which indicates that she has mastered the art of doing business.

Loan status
Loan product
Group Loan
Loan amount
UGX 800,000
Repayment period
Repayment interval
Grace period

Create date
Published date
Auction end date
Disbursement date

Disbursement fee
4.00 %
Interest commission
15.00 %
Lender interest limit
12.00 %
Average lender interest
7.55 %
Cost for business
UGX 75,052
APR (Annual percentage rate)
43.86 %

Client name
Nalubwama Alice
Client description
Nalubwama Alice is a female business owner born in 1966 and a resident of Kajjansi Cell“A”. she is a member of Kajjansi group 3 of subgroup Tusitukiremu. Alice is operating a smoked fish stall in Kajjansi market. The stall is situated in a temporary umbrella make shift which makes it prone rain water, dust and wind. Fish is a perishable item, so she keeps on smoking them on a charcoal stove as a way of preserving them. She sells fish to walk-in customers and people who are operating restaurants and food joints in Kajjansi town.
Client images
Due diligence status
Kajjansi V
This group is made up of clients operating stalls and retail shops in Kajjansi market.
The name of the subgroup is mukisa which means chance in Luganda language.
Officer Name
Waca Ivan

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