Mubiru Dickson, Group Loan, ID: 108

Dickson owns and operate a chapatti stall along Entebbe road infront of Kajjansi market parking yard. The stall is situated in an open area and he uses an umbrella as a temporary protection against the hot sun and rainy. He needs a loan to buy 40 litres of cooking oil, one sack of charcoal, two cartons of baking flour and twelve trays of eggs. Dickson has enough experience in baking Chapattis since 2015.  The business employs five people. However, he had a contract to supply snacks to St Mary's secondary school which has been closed due to corona virus restrictions. That's why the loan amount has been slashed to half. He also has a side business of growing and trading in coffee which earns him more income after harvest which at times supplements on his Chapatti business when the season is favorable.

Loan status
Percent repaid
95 %
Loan product
Group Loan
Loan amount
UGX 500,000
Repayment period
Repayment interval
Grace period

Create date
Published date
Auction end date
Disbursement date

Disbursement fee
5.00 %
Interest commission
20.00 %
Lender interest limit
12.00 %
Average lender interest
10.41 %
Cost for business
UGX 60,347
APR (Annual percentage rate)
59.71 %

Client name
Mubiru Dickson
Client description
Dickson is a resident of Kajjansi cell ‘B’. He operates a chapatti stall
Client images
Due diligence status
Kajjansi VI
Group members are residents of Kajjansi town council of whom Four members operate stalls, one member owns a retailshop inside the market and another has a stall outside the maket.
Officer Name
Waca Ivan
Group members
Group Disbursement Date Name Status Relation
Kajjansi VI/Four 10/8/2020 Mubiru Dickson Disbursed Member
Kajjansi VI/Four 10/8/2020 Zawedde Winnie Disbursed Chairperson
Kajjansi VI/Four 10/8/2020 Nayiga Sharifa Disbursed Member
Kajjansi VI/Four 10/8/2020 Nantongo Rose Disbursed Member
Kajjansi VI/Four 10/8/2020 Nalubwama Alice Disbursed Member

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