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Not yet ...

Unfortunately, we do not yet have permission from the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, but we have submitted an application to obtain the permission required to run a business like ours. The hardest requirement from the FSA is for business procedures for the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing, and for IT security policy. It is obvious that Sseguku needs to have this kind of procedures, but it is hard work to document..

When you move around the site, it may look as if the company is running. And it is in very small scale towards borrowers. The loans provided are all funded by the founders, and the other lenders have received their funds from the founders and help to test the system. It takes a while before we are able and allowed to help you give out micro loans.

Sseguku & Covid-19

Sseguku is behind the effort to fight Corona virus in Uganda.


Some have tried this before and failed. We are different, we are simpler and we are better. We protect lender funds through our business model. We are fair towards our clients and we are competitive. We bring the lenders closer to our clients. Our key values are to be humble, fair and ambitious.

Our Business Idea

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